Everything you gain from being a member of Salt Lake Education Association.
Local Action
Influence working conditions, salaries, benefits, class sizes, and professional growth opportunities.
Your voice matters.
Networking and Development
Connect with educators locally, nationally, and globally, sharing experiences and solutions. Access workshops, resources, and NEA's Professional Library for growth.
Access exclusive member discounts on insurance, travel, purchases, and investments. Benefit savings can surpass your dues.
Trustworthy education information, special newsletters, grant opportunities, and legislative updates. Keep on top of current education laws, regulations, and policies.
Legal and Liability Assistance
Association trains fair treatment leaders, offers legal support, expert attorney, liability insurance for job-related lawsuits, and ensures member protection.
SLEA ensures educator representation in education decisions, from state boards to legislative committees, safeguarding teachers and students.
"Education is the key that unlocks the door to progress, and in unity, we hold the power to open countless doors and pave the way for a brighter future for all."
- César Chávez

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