Campaign To Retain

As you might be aware, the Salt Lake City School Board (SLCSB) has identified seven schools for possible closure starting in the 2024-25 school year. They plan to finalize their decision in December or January. If any schools are closed, we can expect boundary realignment that will affect most if not all elementary schools. We understand the compulsion to “right-size” our schools as enrollment continues to drop and many of our elementary schools have only one class per grade level.

SLEA is organizing a ‘campaign to retain’ and the SLEA Executive Board has sent a formal letter to SLCSB asking they take an official position that no SLCSD certified, classified nor hourly staff be laid off as a result of school closures. We see this as a great opportunity for SLCSD to adequately staff our schools. There are currently 138 job openings posted on the district website. We know the district could successfully reassign every employee at a closed school to an identical or similar role in the district. If we are somewhat overstaffed at some of our schools, great, this would alleviate much of the stress employees have been feeling over the past several years filling vacant positions.
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We encourage SLEA members to write to their school’s SLCSB representative, to cc’ the president and vice president of the board and encourage them to take an official position not to lay off employees due to school closure. We have found e-mails from educators to their board members to be effective. A decision by the board early in the boundary study process would send a strong message to SLCSD employees and families! Every employee contributes significantly to our schools. They give their time, energy, and skill every day; they deserve our commitment to protect their jobs, no matter what.The clarity from such a position would greatly reduce increasing anxiety at the seven schools identified for possible closure and would be a strong demonstration to SLCSD employees that we are important to the strength of our schools and district and are valued partners in student success. Your e-mails to the board are the first step of an escalating campaign retain all employees in the event of school closures. Stay tuned for future strategies and/or actions.