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Why Your Contribution to U-PAC is So Important


PAC contributions have diminished since 2001 when the Utah Legislature adopted the Voluntary Contribution Act which prohibited payroll deduction for PAC contribution.  Before the law was adopted, about 68 percent of UEA members made annual contributions to its political action committee which was SLEA-PAC.  After implementation, the number of contributions fell to 6.8 percent.  This is exactly what the legislators wanted as an outcome of this bill – some way to silence the teachers’ voices on the hill.

Now more than ever our profession needs a voice in government.  Elected officials make decisions that impact teachers on a daily basis.  From funding decisions to working conditions, public policy makers make decisions that have very real consequences in the classroom.  The Utah Education Association is the voice for teachers on Capitol Hill.  If it were not for our UEA Lobby Team and leaders from associations across the state, teachers would be at-will employees with no contract and no guarantee of a job. 

Every year legislators keep enacting laws that are not productive for public education.  They would like to see public education go charter or private.  If you are not happy with decisions and laws that are made for public education, then it is time for every teacher to make a political donation to SLEA-PAC/UEA-PAC.  Your contribution makes a difference in changing the faces from those who attack to those who support public education.  Please make your contribution today!  Call the office [801-262-6627] or click on the above red button for a PAC Form.


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