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UniServ Director

Liaison Schools

Backman Elementary

District Office

Teaching & Learning

Whittier Elementary

Speech & Hearing


Executive Board Members

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Liaison Schools

Dilworth Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Parkview Elementary

PAR Consulting Teachers


Liaison Schools

Clayton Middle

Glendale Middle

Mt. View Elementary

Nibley Park K-8


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Liaison Schools

Open Classroom


Innovations High

Liaison Schools

Bennion Elementary

Edison Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Newman Elementary


Liaison Schools

Bryant Middle

Hillside Middle

Northwest Middle


Liaison Schools

Escalante Elementary

Highland Park Elementary

Meadowlark Elementary

Riley Elementary


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Liaison Schools

Hawthorne Elementary

Indian Hills Elementary

Rose Park Elementary

Washington Elementary


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Liaison Schools

East High

Emerson Elementary

Highland High

Wasatch Elementary


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Liaison Schools

B Heights Elementary

Bonneville Elementary

Ensign Elementary

Uintah Elementary


Liaison Schools

Horizonte I & T

North Star Elementary

West High


UEA Board of Directors

Tyler Lamming.png

Tyler Lamming

NEA Board of Directors

Our SLEA Executive Board is comprized of 12 individuals; President, Vice President and 10 Members-At-Large elected from the Association membership. Each board member is assigned Liaison schools working directly with the Association Representatives to communicate, advocate, and mediate with our members. Together they volunteer their time and talents to govern our association.



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